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Turbocharge Your Printing Workflow with Turbine

The All-in-One Solution for DTG, DTF, Embroidery, Screen Print, UV Printing, and Lazer Engraving   – From Order to Shipping


Our Exclusive Features

Handles Any Job, No Matter the Size

One-offs or thousands of the same print

Smart Inventory Management

Automates inventory for optimal resource use

Advanced Quality Control

Ensures superior quality in every print job

Efficient Shipping Solutions

Speeds up shipping with integrated solutions

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Provides crucial data for informed decisions.

Mobile Management App

Mobile access for management on the go

Streamlining Your Print Operations

Unlock Growth with Turbine's Analytics

Turbine offers versatile solutions, transforming your production processes. With advanced analytics for continuous improvement and customizable features, we redefine printing efficiency and innovation.

  • Data Tracking and Collection in real time
  • Reporting With Custom Fields (By Machine/ Operator)
  • Production Pipeline 
  • Printing and Shipping Status

Turbine Feature Comparison

Feature Turbine Turbine




Manual Order Entry
Transfer Gang Network
Reporting and Insights
Access to Knowledgebase
Wasatch RIP Integration (Rip, Nest, Print and Cut)
Employee and Machine Level Reporting and Insights
Ticketed Support
Shipping Integration
Quality Check with Barcode Scanning
Customized Order Entry
Inventory Management
Decorated DTF Process Set-up
Multiple RIP Integrations
Support Different Printing Processes (Embroidery, Screenprint, DTG, DTF, etc.)
Multiple Integrations
Phone and Email Support

Options for Every Need


Starts At $0 Month
  • $0 / Month for Rave Customers
  • Transfer Gang Network
  • Order Entry
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Wasatch RIP Integration
  • Access to Our Knowledge Base


Starts At $595 Month
  • Supports DTF Workflow
  • Transfer Gang Network
  • Ordering API Integration
  • Advanced Reporting and Insights
  • Quality Check with Barcode Scanning
  • Shipping Integration
  • Ticketed Support


Starts At $1,495 Month
  • Includes Everything in Turbine Pro
  • Transfer Gang Network
  • Custom API Integration
  • Supports Multiple RIP Softwares
  • Supports Multiple Process
  • (Embroidery, DTF, DTG, UV Printing, Laser Engraving Workflow)
  • Live Support


Experience Hassle-Free Order Placement with a Dedicated Page on the Transfer Gang Network

Files are automatically transferred from the Transfer Gang Network page to Turbine.

The ability to create print batches using filters and custom fields.

Filter orders by Priority, Customers, Decoration Types, Shipping Method, Individual Orders, and by Date.

Also filter single item order vs multiple item orders.

Streamline your process and save time by simplifying and automating the ripping stage.

Rip and print by batch.

Automatic generation of print and cut files and automatic file transfer.

Turbine PRO

Integration with Orderdesk and Shopify for streamlined API ordering.

Integration with Wasatch RIP, including print recipe management, and embedded barcode workflow.

Direct ship options from order barcode, plus EasyPost integration with advanced carrier mapping for optimized logistics.

Access to both web and mobile reports, detailing incoming/outgoing order volumes, account/store breakdowns, and linear feet ordered/produced.

Set-Up for Specialized Printing and Decorating: There’s an extra one-time fee to set up a more advanced printing process

Turbine Enterprise

Get all the benefits of Turbine Pro, plus exclusive access to additional advanced features.

Access to state-of-the-art printing software like Caldera and Wasatch, plus Quick P integration for better print quality and efficiency.

 Get detailed web and mobile reports on how well your employees and machines are performing.

Integrate with 3rd Party Software and APIs to customize for your business.

Get smart stock management. Use barcodes for easy tracking, order supplies directly through the system, and manage storage and retrieval of items with a mobile app.

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