Rave - 240 Tech

The Smart System Revolutionizing Printing

From printers and inks to pre-made gang sheets and more! RAVE has you covered from "Cradle-to-RAVE"

Why the RAVE System?

- Complete automated software solution for your business: Turbine
- Strategic partnership with Wasatch SoftRIP for automation
- Complete on-site installation and training
- US based phone and on-site technical support

Why the RAVE Printer?

- One of the fastest print speeds in the industry
- Low operating costs
- Proven consumables for repeatable quality
- White opacity comparable to screen print
- Engineered for precise registration
- Apply DTF prints on any fabric

Easy financing available from $822/month

We Offer The Entire Line of Products

From 'Cradle-to-RAVE'


Turbine elevates your printing business with seamless efficiency, quality control, and real-time analytics!



RAVE Machines amplify your print vision with 24" and 48" DTF printers, plus automatic precision cutting!




RAVE Consumables are transforming ideas into colorful realities with cutting-edge DTF powders, films, and Inks!


Gang Sheets

Transfer Gang is your ultimate source for DTF and UV-DTF mastery - from custom creations to ready-made brilliance!


See how RAVE is a Total Solution for your Business

Your one stop shop for all things DTF

What Size Printer is Right for YOU?

Minimal Maintenance
Fume Extractor Included with System
Automatic Ink Re-circulation System
# of Print Head (Epson i3200-A1 )
Automated nesting and print & cut file generation
Comparable White Opacity to screen print
Complete on-site installation and training
Complete Bundle (Printer, Shake-n-Baker, Operating Software)
Electric Rewinding System
Damper Heating Function
Material Handling
20-25lb lifting
40-50lb lifting
Throughput (sqft/hr)
Maximum print width (inch)
Operator/Technician level
No Brainer
Monthly lease
Starting at $822
Starting at $1093

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Our experts are ready to incorporate our start-to-finish technology into YOUR business. With our 10+ years of garment decorating experience, we bring our knowledge and expertise to you.

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