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  1. The term “Seller” or “240 Tech, LLC” refers to 240 Tech, LLC, including its affiliates, subsidiaries, business units, or trade name entities as specified on relevant documents such as Sales Contracts, Security Agreements, Invoices, and Receipts. “Customer” pertains to the individual or entity identified on said documents along with their affiliated entities and representatives. “Equipment” encompasses all products and services marketed or sold by Seller.
  2. Customer expressly agrees to these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms and Conditions”), representing that they have thoroughly reviewed and accepted them without exception. Any act indicating intent to purchase Equipment from Seller constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Seller rejects any differing terms proposed by Customer unless expressly agreed upon in writing. These Terms and Conditions, along with relevant documents, constitute the entire agreement between the parties, superseding any prior discussions or agreements.
  3. Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of Seller’s invoice. Failure to pay on time or defaulting triggers remedies outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Seller may modify these terms at its discretion without notice.
  4. Quotations are valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise, subject to vendor restrictions. Prices may change at Seller’s discretion. Shipping, insurance, and taxes are not included unless specified. Customer is responsible for taxes unless a valid exemption certificate is provided.
  5. Seller assumes no responsibility for Customer-furnished specifications or compliance unless explicitly stated. Changes to specifications may incur additional costs.
  6. Title and risk of loss transfer upon delivery. Customer is responsible for claims arising from direct shipments.
  7. Customer is responsible for pre-install setup and site preparation at their expense. Additional charges apply for 240 Tech, LLC personnel services upon request.
  8. Seller may deliver in installments, adjust lead times, and increase pricing accordingly. Customer must pay for each shipment regardless of previous or subsequent deliveries.
  9. Shipping and delivery dates are approximate and subject to change due to factors beyond Seller’s control. Delays do not entitle Customer to refuse delivery or claim damages.
  10. Equipment is for commercial use only unless specified otherwise. Seller does not provide technical advice unless agreed upon separately.
  11. Seller’s liability is limited to the price paid for the Equipment. No warranties extend beyond those explicitly stated. Seller is not liable for consequential damages.
  12. Customer must examine Equipment upon receipt and report defects or disputes within 10 days.
  13. Returns require prior authorization from Seller. Restocking fees may apply. Special order items are non-returnable unless authorized by the manufacturer.
  14. Customer-caused delays do not affect payment terms. Charges may apply for delayed shipments or storage at Customer’s request.
  15. As the Equipment sold by Seller are not manufactured by Seller, Seller hereby disclaims any and all warranties against patent infringement of any intellectual property rights of any nature. However, if promptly notified by the Customer of any claim of patent infringement concerning any Equipment sold hereunder, Seller shall request the manufacturer to provide the Customer with indemnity rights as customarily given to Seller with respect to such Equipment.
  16. Any order for Equipment by Customer shall represent that Customer is solvent. Shipments are contingent upon the Customer’s financial condition being satisfactory to 240 Tech, LLC, in its sole discretion. If Seller deems the Customer’s financial condition insufficient, Seller may require full or partial payment or other assurance of performance before manufacture or shipment. Seller reserves the right to suspend performance until such payment or assurance is received.
  17. Seller retains the right(s) and remedies for repossession and resale of any repossessed Equipment as provided by applicable law. Customer grants Seller a purchase money security interest in the Equipment provided, and any proceeds or accessions thereof, until the debt for such Equipment is paid in full. Seller may take any action permitted by law to perfect and enforce such security interest.
  18. Customer agrees to pay interest on past due amounts at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month (18% APR), or the maximum lawful rate. Seller may adjust credit amounts or terms at any time and cancel credit available to Customer without notice.
  19. All Sales Contracts, Sales Contracts and Security Agreements, and other agreements for Equipment purchases are non-cancelable by Customer, except as otherwise stated. In case of cancellation, Customer shall pay liquidated damages comprising various costs incurred by Seller.
  20. Customer agrees to pay all legal costs, attorney’s fees, and other expenses in connection with any legal action. Any agreements between the parties are subject to the laws of the State of Texas, and any legal disputes shall be resolved in courts located in Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas.
  21. Customer shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Seller from any claims arising from Customer’s acts or omissions, or claims related to the Equipment sold, excluding breaches of Seller’s express warranties.
  22. Customer shall properly dispose of the Equipment according to applicable law at its expense.
  23. Customer shall observe safety precautions and indemnify Seller for any failure to do so, as outlined in the agreement.
  24. Customer shall promptly notify Seller of any accidents or failures involving the Equipment.
  25. Seller disclaims any obligations or liabilities to any third party beyond those expressly negotiated and agreed upon.
  26. Seller’s remedies and rights under these Terms and Conditions remain regardless of any delay or partial exercise. No waiver by Seller shall affect future remedies.
  27. Customer acknowledges and agrees not to disclose Seller’s Confidential Information without prior consent.
  28. Customer shall not use Seller’s intellectual property without written authorization.
  29. Customer agrees not to solicit Seller’s employees or make disparaging statements about Seller’s business.
  30. Any invalid provisions in the agreement shall be reformed to the extent necessary, and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
  31. The covenants of the parties shall survive the termination of the agreement.
  32. Seller’s rights under these Terms and Conditions shall benefit its successors and assigns, and Customer’s obligations shall extend to its successors and assigns.



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