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Transfer Gang is your strategic partner in all things Direct-To-Film. Save Time and Money With Features Like Auto Gang, Pre-cut, and Guaranteed 24 Hour Turn Around Time. See How We Can Make Your Life Easier.

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Features/ServiceOld WayNew Way
Gang Sheet Building Time1-2 Hours300ft Gang Sheet in 10 minutes with Auto Gang
Cutting ProcessManual cutting for hoursReceive pre-cut prints with machine precision
Pressing and Peeling TimePress for 15 seconds, wait 15 seconds to cool, then peelHot peel in 8 seconds, increasing efficiency
Design ResourcesNo libraryGrowing library of art to choose from
Print QualityDull prints that crackVibrant prints using RAVE Consumables
FeesArt fee plus Set Up feeNo art fee, no set up fee, no minimum
Turnaround TimeTurn around time upwards of 6-8 business daysWe guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours
Price Match GuaranteeWe will match or beat the price you’re currently paying

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Turbine elevates your printing business with seamless efficiency, quality control, and real-time analytics!



RAVE Machines amplify your print vision with 24" and 48" DTF printers, plus automatic precision cutting!




RAVE Consumables are transforming ideas into colorful realities with cutting-edge DTF powders, films, and Inks!


Gang Sheets

Transfer Gang is your ultimate source for DTF and UV-DTF mastery - from custom creations to ready-made brilliance!


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