All use of the Online OvalJet Service and OvalJet.com (the “Website”) are governed under these terms and services which are available in their most recent form in the footer of the Website and Application.

The Application and Website are both owned and operated by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet. By agreeing to the 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet Website you agree to the following rules, procedures and practices in their entirety.

It is the responsibility of each user to keep their account details secure. Any breach of credentials must be reported to 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet immediately and 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet is not liable for any losses to the User caused by the loss of credentials or their unauthorized use.


240 Tech LLC – OvalJet, as the owner of this Website may modify or change the agreement, prices, and terms of this agreement at any time. The User is responsible for reviewing these amendments and making any necessary changes. Continued use of the OvalJet Website constitutes continued agreement and acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.


All creative content (“Designs”) including digital media of any kind, photos, text, graphics, logos or other materials uploaded to the Service must adhere to the following:

You own the rights and or copyright to the Designs. If you are not the owner of the Designs, you have explicit permission to use, reproduce, display and sell the Designs. You also agree to license 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet the use & reproduction of your artwork (in order to print it) as well as display in our portfolio and marketing materials, unless otherwise specified.

Your Designs will not infringe on the intellectual property of other Users, businesses, or entities. If found in breach of these terms of service or any applicable laws, 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet reserves the right to review and remove any infringing content or cancel your account without notice.

To reiterate: the User, and not 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet is responsible for all Designs uploaded or sold as part of the OvalJet Service. In addition, if you believe that any of your own intellectual property is being used without your consent on a platform or service owned or operated by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet, please send a notice of this infraction to us.

If any legal action is opened against 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet due to the infringement or actions of the User, that User will be completely responsible for all legal fees, out of pocket expenses, applicable expenses associated with defending the suit.

Because 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet does not own the copyrights to your designs or intellectual property, we will not distribute or disseminate your Designs to other entities or persons outside the OvalJet Service.


All orders are subject to the applicable taxes as well as localized sales tax rates (Texas and California).

California tax rate is calculated as a percentage of final retail price. When retail price cannot be calculated, tax rate will be calculated in accordance with CA Regulation 1706.

For wholesalers with a valid resale license, please email your certificate to sales@240tech.com.


Once an order has been submitted to us, it can no longer be edited or canceled. If the order must be altered at this point, please contact us as soon as possible at sales@240tech.com.

While we are not mandated to make any changes to the order after its submission, we will do our best to accommodate the change, subject to individual review.


All returns, replacements, and ‘item not received’ claims are subject to investigation and review by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet.

In general, 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet does not accept returns of ink or consumables.

Responsibility for loss or damaged Products incurred after the Product has been shipped are taken by the Mail provider (The “Carrier”).

It is the User’s responsibility to report or file any claims with the Carrier for lost items. In these cases, it is not the responsibility of 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet to resend the Product or offer a refund or credit.


240 Tech LLC – OvalJet may save User’s payment information for use in all future payments, shipments, or cases where a charge must be made to the User.

By entering their card details in the OvalJet system or by providing them with a sales associate, Users agree that they are legally entitled to use the means of payment entered, and that they are the cardholder or have the explicit permission of said card holder to make purchases.

The price charged will be the price quoted, and unless otherwise noted will be quoted in United States Dollars.

The Customer is responsible for all chargebacks and the accompanying processing and handling fees ($15 per Chargeback).

The Customer will receive an email after purchasing the product that bundles the confirmation details, price, description and shipping information. Payment of the total price must be made before the order is processed.

240 Tech LLC – OvalJet may also cancel any orders at its sole discretion, as well as change or suspend any products, prices, and promotions.

Payments, charges and invoices associated with 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet may show up on your account statement as 240 Tech LLC  instead of OvalJet.


Violation of any of the Visitors Policies laid out in this Terms of Service may result in termination of your User account or ability to use our website or service.

Users also take full liability for information entered into the 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet Service (including product details and pricing).

In a situation where a loss is incurred by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet due to the improper entry of information by a User (including but not limited to sales tax), the User will be responsible for the cost, and will be billed via their saved billing details outlined in the Payment & Fees Section.

240 Tech LLC – OvalJet also reserves the right to cancel or suspend access to any Service or Product belonging to Users that create legal liabilities or do not follow our policies.

We also reserve the right to cancel inactive and unused accounts.


An order submitted to 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet represents an offer made by the User to 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet. The offer is not accepted until a confirmation email is sent by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet. Any Product not included in the confirmation email is not included in that order.

Orders are placed exclusively via the Application or Website and it is the responsibility of the User and the Customer to assure that customer information is entered correctly. All information must be filled out accurately and precisely to ensure successful delivery of the Product.


In general, 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet will ship your ink and consumables within three business days of receiving an order.

Once item has shipped, the package is out of our direct control. This means the delivery date is an estimation- and while it is often much faster, the time to complete an order is subject to change. In the case of a significant delay, we will do our best to contact the User with all the details necessary.

Shipping prices are in addition to the price displayed and may vary based on municipality, location, or shipping constraints. We reserve the right to add any additional costs that may be incurred for some delivery addresses.

Also, while we always try to consolidate orders, it is possible that orders could be packed and shipped separately and thus cannot be guaranteed on the same delivery date.

Fulfillment and Delivery will not begin until the charge to the Customer is marked as paid.


Users release 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet (and all our employees, entities, officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, and joint ventures) from claims, demands, and damages of any kind pertaining to this agreement or a dispute that is connected to this agreement in any way. 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet does not have explicit control over worldwide shipping and cannot guarantee delivery dates once the Product is handed over to the Carrier.

In addition, 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet will be released from any damages or claims resulting in loss of revenue or benefits to Users due to cancellation or suspension of this agreement.


The 240 Tech LLC and OvalJet trademarks are the sole property of 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet. You may not use our trademarks in whole or part in your own trademark. Any reference to our trademarks and its connection with our Service must be clearly referenced and not confuse the relationship between 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet and the User or any of the services offered by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet.


You indemnify 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet (and all our employees, entities, officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, and joint ventures) from claims, demands, and legal action (including attorneys’ fees) which arise from a breach of this agreement or the violation of the laws or rights of a third party.


In the case of a dispute between 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet and the User, we encourage you to contact our support staff directly. Any claim or dispute made against 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet must be resolved by a court located in the State of California.

Any claim, damages, or disputes arising from or connected to this agreement are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the State of California court system.


No formal agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship is implied or created by this Agreement.

You are properly certified to grant us access to payment information (as required to complete a shipment or pill a payment.)

Any provision of these terms and services that is held to be invalid will be struck and the remaining provisions will be enforced.

Headings are for context and reference purposes and do not limit the scope or content of any section.

Not all breaches of the contract require enforcement by 240 Tech LLC – OvalJet. Failure to react to one breach however does not constitute waiving our rights to take action on a similar breach or subsequent breach.

240 Tech LLC – OvalJet may transfer or assign this Agreement and all the rights outlined under this agreement at any time.